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Precision components of every size in excellent moulds and quality – that’s what the name of Layher stands for. We produce and develop high quality rubber components for machines and systems in a variety of branches and industries. At Layher, you get everything from a single provider. Our range of services extends from planning and development of the instrument moulds to their building and production, as well as punctual delivery. If required, we can manufacture products on the basis of existing technical drawings or using existing prototypes. Step by step, we transform challenges into perfect results. Alongside an intensive dialogue with our customers and cooperative collaboration, we find innovative solutions which are optimally tailored to each intended purpose.

We manufacture products to the highest requirements from various elastomers. We develop and produce these parts according to specifications or in close cooperation with customers, if there are special requirements for materials, geometry or precision. Thanks to our specialist skills and experience designing moulded parts, we are able to optimally support you with new projects.

Rubber-metal compounds are utilised to effectively damp and insulate from vibrations and noises, as well as for elastic support and decoupling. We offer a comprehensive range in a variety of materials and hardnesses.

This term covers rubber-metal compounds as well as rubber-plastic compounds. Combining different materials is a difficult technical challenge for development and production. We know what fits together! Precise preparation of the carrier material and careful choice of the optimal combination of rubber compounds and bonding systems guarantee perfect results: stability, functionality and operational safety, even under higher loads.

Production Process

Thanks to our range of different production processes, we are able to recommend and implement the optimum choice for your products.

Injection moulding

During the injection moulding process, the rubber compound is first plasticised in a pre-heated screw unit and then injected into the heated mould via gate channels. Injection moulding is a more modern method of producing rubber components than the pressing process. Thanks to plasticisation in the screw unit, it is possible to achieve significantly shorter heating times as compared to the pressing method.

Compression moulding

Compression moulding or pressing is the traditional technology for manufacturing rubber components. The appropriate quantity of rubber compound is placed into a heated vulcanisation mould. The mould is then sealed into a press under pressure. Thanks to the pressing power and temperature, the mixture softens, melts and fills the mould cavity, vulcanising the moulded component.

Transfer moulding

Transfer moulding is a process where the rubber compound is placed into the upper part of a vulcanisation mould and then injected into the mould cavity via sprue channels when the press is applied. As compared to compression moulding, the vulcanisation times are shortened as the rubber compound is additionally heated by frictional heat which arises during injection.

Blending Plant

In-house compounding for black and coloured compounds.

The basis of our high-quality products is raw rubber. As we produce the necessary raw rubber compounds in-house, we are able to accommodate special customer requirements in full. Because we have our own blending plant, we can work independently, flexibly and quickly to manufacture rubber compounds for vulcanisation. This also gives us the flexibility to optimise our products to your requirements. Our rolling mill production results in the best possible dispersion and homogeneity of the rubber compound. This is the only way to ensure the best finish quality. The high quality of the elastomer compound is the basis for economical vulcanisation according to customer specifications.

Our experience with compounding is also paramount to safeguarding quality when purchasing ready-made mixes.

We work together cooperatively with well-known compounders who have special know how on elastomer development and production. This allows us to continue improving and to address increasing requirements or the customers’ requirements for particular specifications (DBL, PN, KTW, etc.).

For us, quality is a wide-ranging term
which defines everything we do.

For Layher, the focus lies on the customer and their requirements.

We have a team of specialists who implement customer-specific made-to-measure productions with commitment and know how – from simple moulded rubber parts and rubber-metal compounds to highly complex shapes and compounds. Years of experience and up-to-date know how are the basis of our innovative potential.


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We realise tailor-made perfection at a convincing price-performance ratio thanks to our competence and experience.

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