Consistent high performance under the most extreme conditions.

Layher AG from Kirchberg is known for its creative, market-driven solutions in relay construction. This also includes the high-performance relays of the 825 and 900 series with a dual coil switching system. They have been developed for use under the most extreme conditions, especially for applications in civil and also military commercial vehicle construction.

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Less is more – this is what Layher offers with the new type 402 pressure switch.

Layher offers with the new type 402 pressure switch. This membrane switch is designed as a NO or NC contact for liquid and gaseous media. It can be adjusted under pressure and has a key width of 24 mm. It has been developed for the most precise control and monitoring tasks. With pressure setting ranges from 0.3 to 2 bar and 1 to 10 bar, both versions are designed with an overpressure limit of 300 bar. And can be used in an ambient temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

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Compact, reliable, versatile – made in Germany

Layher AG from Kirchberg has now technically further optimised its portfolio of pressure sensors and electronic pressure switches which can be applied in may application areas. With six type series (800 to 906) which cover up to eight standard specifications, the Swabian developer is aiming at a wide range of application areas. The components have a robust stainless steel housing and can be used in an ambient temperature range of – 25 °C to + 85 °C.

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Pressure switch for the Industry 4.0 (world)

To be able to continue covering the different applications for the pressure monitoring of media such as air, oil emulsions, water, etc., Layher AG from Kirchberg has had several versions of pressure sensor type 930 for the measurement ranges 0-10 bar, 0-100 bar and 0-250 bar and a temperature range of 0 to + 70 °C in its portfolio for some time.

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Saving time during assembly.

Layher AG is expanding its product line with the addition of pressure switches with integrated plugs. With types 471 and 472, Layher AG adds to the previous models with integrated plug, now with two and three-pin Deutsch plug.

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Flexible pressure sensor Type 910

With its new sensor type 910, Layher AG from Kirchberg, specialists for the development and production of pressure switches, offers a high switching current while at the same time promising a long service life.

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Flexible pressure sensor Type 930

With the pressure sensor Type 930, Layher AG from Kirchberg is offering a monitoring variant with a wide range of functions and easy operation. With this sensor type the use can make use of two programmed switching points with two programmable hystereses. Setting is menu-driven using three buttons in accordance with the recommendations of the VDMA 2457-1 standard published by the VDMA.

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